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Jim Baab

Morning Muffin Smile
Instagram digital photo
nudes, nature & still-life

Media: Books + Paper, Photography, Other: Greeting Cards

60 Boston Street

MAP # 95

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Most of the time, a quality of light inspires me to photograph ordinary objects and simple scenes - vegetables on the counter, winter shovels against white siding. Additionally, overlooked accents in everyday surroundings invite me to extract a quality that transcends ordinary and present something beautiful, abstract or surprising for each viewer - like my Edward Weston-inspired still-life "portrait", 'Vegetarian Nude'.

Jim Baab, Photographer, (1970 - )

Relative to photography, Jim’s training has been very limited. During grade school, he and a handful of his peers were taught the process of exposing, developing and printing black and white film by the school principal.

In college, Jim studied film production. For his last semester at Keene State, he elected to take a ‘Photo I’ class. This is when he produced his, Edward Weston inspired, “Vegetarian Nudes”. The day after he received his B.A., Jim was employed by the International Film and Television Workshops, (now, Maine Media Workshops.) Across multiple seasons, he provided technical and administrative support for courses in production, cinematography and lighting. This is when Jim learned to recognize the many qualities of light that occur in nature and how one can simulate them on a set.

Most of the time, a natural quality of light is, exactly, what inspires Jim to capture what he sees. Jim’s eye is also drawn to strong lines, shadows, structure, and shapes - including those produced by the nude human figure. Finding or creating an illusion is always fun. And, that is something Jim continues to explore via “human landscape” workshops taught by renowned photographer, Karin Rosenthal.

Since his start in 2012, Jim's photography has been chosen for exhibitions in Boston and Somerville, MA and Middlebury, Vermont. Additionally, one Instagram image of food was awarded 2nd Place in the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards.