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SOS Last Wednesdays

Meet your fellow local artists at SOS Last Wednesdays, on the last Wednesday evening of each month.

Be Part of our Fashion Show

The SOS fashion show, Beyond the Pattern, is coming back for 2017. Learn more about how to get involved.

Submit Art to SOS 2017 Exhibits

See our exhibits page for information on our SOS First Look show (formerly called Artists' Choice), Volunteer Show, Inside-OUT Gallery Show, and Donut Art Show.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to be connected with the Somerville arts community. You can get involved in behind-the-scene preparation for Open Studios in some of the following areas: Operations, Fundraising, Graphics, Public Relations, Web Content Management, Short Administrative Tasks, and Miscellaneous Labor and Light Construction, and more.
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Members, Update your Profiles

The SOS Artist Directory is open 10 months of the year (closed only during registration period for the new year). Visitors will select which sites to see during SOS, and will be reminded of artists they saw and loved, based on what they see on the website. If you put good images up people will know that they want to see your work.

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