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Somerville Open Studios Events

Upcoming Artist Events -- SOS 2015

For a complete calendar view visit the Artist's Calendar

SOS Talks

Presented by arts marketing specialist Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing

For SOS 2015, we will present five SOS Talks with Jesa Damora of FunnelCake Marketing. She has some great panels and talks planned to help you to get your spaces ready, market, and open to guests come May.

All talks are free, created especially for SOS, and open to visual artists who live or maintain a studio in Somerville.

We'll announce the locations, times, and more detailed descriptions of these talks as we get closer to them.

SOS Talk #1: What Can SOS Do For YOU? - Sunday, January 25, 2-4 pm (new date) at Artisan's Asylum

SOS Talk #2: Engaging the Public - Wednesday, February 18, 7 pm (new date) at Mad Oyster Studios

SOS Talk #3: The Price is Right, or: How Much Will you Pay me for This Banana? - Wednesday, March 11, 7 pm (new date) at Nave Gallery

SOS Talk #4: Exhibit Design and Merchandising: Curating your Studio for SOS - Thursday, April 9, 7 pm (new date) at Artisan's Asylum

SOS Talk #5: With SOS in the Bag... NOW WHAT? - Saturday, May 9