Sassafrass Creations
Sarah Carlson

Forest Frolic
Watercolor, mixed media
Abstract Mixed Media

Media: Graphic Design, Mixed-Media, Painting

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Artist Statement

I have been playing with watercolor since about 2007, when I took an exploration of painting class as part of my M.F.A. It was out of this environment that my focus on watercolor experimentation began. Early inspiration was drawn from glass objects, creating textures, capturing light and color.
Over the past three years, my work has evolved into more mixed media, abstract work. Nature and vibrant colors are my inspiration. Iíve been combining the watercolor color patterns of my backgrounds with organic shapes and lines. I play with cut outs of shapes and add in elements of gold paint, and/or pen and ink. The paintings usually ďtellĒ me what they need through the process. We fight, we break up, and then finally we get back together and the result is the finished piece.
My technique and process begins with a sketch and color planning. The background of all my paintings starts with a thick coat of watercolor and while itís wet, I crumple up plastic wrap and place it on top. After 24 hours I pick up the plastic and voila, the result is the pattern you see. Itís a surprise every time. After that, I decide on gold paint, shapes and color. If there are cut out pieces I lay those on and play around with placement from anywhere to 1-2 days or weeks. Then I glue the pieces on top and step away from the painting for a few days until the piece tells me what the finishing touches will be. I hope my art brings an unexpected visual surprise to my viewers.