Nancy Anderson

oil on canvas
[30" x 30"]
big faces (people & dogs)

Media: Drawing, Painting

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Artist Statement

I love the city and thought that capturing its grittiness or buzz would be my thingÖ but instead Iíve been painting these portraits. As a kid, I drew the faces I saw around me, and started painting with oils at age 12Ö but I had somehow managed to stray from it. Now, as a local dog walker photographing the faces of those who surround me during the day, the images that emerged were begging to be put on canvas. I see the expressiveness in their eyes and it has brought me back to the task of trying to convey that expression. In the process, I find that something unique to each comes through, and itís the magic of that slow, unraveling revelation that has me transfixed in this endeavor of painting faces. There is no other motive, really. No hidden meanings, no socio-political agendas, no bold statements. Just dogs being dogs and people being people.