Patricia Wellenkamp Jewelry

Cuff, pin and dangle earrings
Vintage Brass and Sterling Silver
[various sizes]
Textured, Mixed Metal Jewelry

Media: Jewelry + Beads

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street #24

MAP # 94

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Artist Statement

I started learning jewelry metal smithing techniques six years ago. I sold my craft gallery in Somerville MA and began taking classes at area community art centers and at Bostonís North Bennet Street School and the Haystack Mountain Center for Crafts in Maine. In 2012, I started working at Joy Street and began producing and selling my work.
I use stamping, engraving, hammering and the rolling mill to create a multitude of textures. I get a lot of joy out of mixing a variety of surfaces and metals (sterling silver, copper, brass, gold fill, gold leaf) to create harmonious wholes. I also enjoy making pieces that incorporate moving pieces.
Lately, I have been etching copper and incorporating found metal pieces like rusty nails and vintage manufactured pieces. I like to make large pieces that provoke conversation about what jewelry is and also smaller affordable pieces that many feel comfortable wearing.