Ishita Sharma

snow, tires, digital film
awakening in light and color

Media: Painting, Photography, Pottery

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue   (accessible)

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Artist Statement

Ishita Sharma is a yogini disguised as an artist disguised as an architect.

Born of multiple continents, media and disciplines (painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital collage, writing and more), her work explores poetic revelations in the mundane and unexpected encounters with the self in its search for wholeness.

Intrigued by reflections of the universal in the particular and of the particular in the universal, she zooms out, moving closer towards universality and that nebulous place in her where art, technology and spirituality intersect.

She is currently working on ways to mitigate over-consumption, waste, disconnection and isolation in our societies so they may be tuned to nourish human happiness and wholeness.