Kinniska Designs
Margaret Demille

Ball gown [work in progress]
coathanger wire, MIG weld wire
[approx 5' tall plus train]
Wearable Art

Media: Fiber + Textiles, Sculpture, Other: Wearable Art, reclaimed metals

Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler Street 16   (accessible)

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Artist Statement

I work in a variety of media, primarily 3D, and often wearable (though sometimes conceptual).

I balance my work life and artistic life. My explorations follow this general path: I develop an idea that prompts me to begin a project or research the idea within one discipline (e.g., fiber, paint, wood, paper) and as I work through the idea, I may end up somewhere completely different. Photography, clay, metals, masks, sculpture, driftwood and woodworking, watercolor, papermaking and hand-bound books, fiber arts. My work is informed by my knowledge of ancient civilizations as well as my travels and my life abroad. Iím constantly inspired by the amazing traditions of artists and artisans both close to home and the world over.
My creations tend to be labor-intensive, so my website is primarily a "work in progress" / "process" blog with images. Please stop by and say hello.