Jane Sherrill

Totem 1
Acrylic on yupo
[18.5" X 21"]
trees/swimmers/land & seascapes

Media: Collage, Painting, Sculpture

Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street 80

MAP # 52

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Artist Statement

All of my artwork is about energy, movement and change. I'm interested in how opposites exist simultaneously, how we live with inconsistencies. I think of my work as documenting the wondrous with paint and brush—pointing out the extraordinary within the ordinary.

My recent paintings express my love affair with this planet. I think of myself as bearing witness to this magnificent world in the face of climate change.

Lately I’ve been photographing trees. The intense colors of moss and lichen on wet city trees inspires my most recent paintings. I use acrylic paint on wood panels and periodically on yupo. I want my work to have an emotional presence—I am trying to say as much as I can with each stroke of my brush. Working with city trees teaches about survival in adversity—what perseveres through difficult times. I explore how loose I can make my brushstrokes before the results become unreadable, how far I can push my compositions yet still have my paintings work.