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Artist Statement

I believe that a simple piece of jewelry can make you feel complete. There is beauty in owning something that was made by hand, and I take pride in each piece of jewelry I make.

I started my jewelry business, Linkouture, in 2012, but I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. Most of my training is informal, learning skills by reading through books and watching online tutorials. I have also learned jewelry metalsmithing under the direction of Laurie Savage at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, where I continue to go a few times a year to learn new skills.

My current line features delicate sterling silver hoops with a hammered texture. Iím always amazed at the beauty that comes with an otherwise seemingly harsh and random process, the way the light bounces off the marks in the silver so that it almost sparkles.

As the mom of a creative, strong, inquisitive little girl, I care about her future and world she is inheriting. I believe in thoughtful consumption and strive to be eco-friendly in all aspects of my work. In addition to using primarily recycled sterling silver, any leftover silver scraps and metal dust left from the creation process are recycled again. The packaging I use for my jewelry is eco-friendly and print my marketing materials at a local printer that uses sustainable practices.

I do most of my work out of my home studio in Teele Square.