Virginia Sandman

Your Mind is an Ocean.
Photography, silver gelatin
[16 X 20 and 8 X 10 inches]
Photography B&W silver gelatin

Media: Photography

26 Hamlet Street #1

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Artist Statement

Photographer Virginia Sandman likes to think that there are some things we cannot speak about, and that these things must remain in the silent realm.

The photographs are made with film and a medium format camera; they are developed and printed using darkroom processes. All prints and matting materials are archival. Ideas for the work are sometimes planned and sometimes come about spontaneously. They are informed by a laypersonís interest in world religions, occult, philosophy and certain aspects of physics.

Mystery, immateriality, what cannot be seen or touched are aspects of the work. The artist is preoccupied by the ancient questions -- who are we, where do we come from, where do we go when we die? The work also embraces a wider scope of abstract forms and social justice. The artistís past work with sculpture, video installations, film and performance art are just beneath the surface. These mediums have an interplay with the still, flat, yet gelatinous surface of silver gelatin photography.