Lenni Armstrong

Cartoon for Women Accountants
Animation & design

Media: Drawing, Video, Other: Animation

44 Greenville Street Apt. 3

MAP # 92
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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Artist Statement

Currently, I am giving several workshops in Somerville:
Visual Journaling Workshop
Make Earrings & Pins
Safe 'n Stylin: Reflective Design

I'm a visualization artist with extensive experience in visualization design and teaching. I embody Edward Tufte's principles for conveying visual information in clear, clean and accurate presentations of scientific information, using audio, text, images and animations. My educational cartoons, animations and interactives have informed thousands across the country, appearing in museums, apps and on-line, as well as health care web sites and videos. In my work, I excel at conveying information about structures and events outside the range of human perception: from the nanoscale to the global scale, and from events occurring in a nanosecond to changes occurring over geological time.