Arthur Halvorsen

Lobster Platter
colorful, graphic, fun pottery

Media: Pottery

Julie Peck Studio
21 Willow Avenue

MAP # 30

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Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have always been attracted to things, people and places that are over the top. The lavish and the excess feed my creative soul, which I take and interpret the same attention to detail into my studio practice. My work evolves through creative repetition; making the same form over and over, tweaking it with sprinkles of spontaneity. The best pleasure is in the creativity and not expecting the ordinary.

Vivienne Westwood once said "I'm not trying to do something different, I'm trying to do the same thing but in a different way." This quote resonates with me. I'm not trying to reinvent plates, cups or bowls, but to make pieces infused with my own flavor and put my mark on the world. My pieces contain this essence of fun and joy. Nothing succeeds like excess and so I decorate over the top; layering patterns with images of animals that I have a connection and infinity to are critical in my studio practice.