Cara Foster Karim

Yellow Excavator
Oil painting
[12 inches by 12 inches]
Landscapes and excavators

Media: Painting

29 Teele Ave 2

MAP # 3

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Artist Statement

I am a Somerville resident and oil painter. My paintings depict neighborhood and sidewalk scenes of Somerville and the surrounding areas including Medford, Cambridge, Boston, and Arlington. Most of my recent paintings are landscapes that explore the relationship between nature and the built environment. I love to be able to celebrate sidewalks and ordinary street scenes through my paintings. A primary goal of my work is to help people to see ordinary places and spaces with a new appreciation and enjoyment. I hope that celebrating a place through art can help people to have an increased sense of connection and identity and ownership of their community. At least, thatís what I experience through the process of creating a painting, and I hope that viewers experience some of that too.

My favorite way to work is painting outdoors in public places (as long as the weather is nice!). Painting in public makes a connectionĖthe fact that Iím painting bridges the gap of silence that is usually present between strangers. People ask me for directions, talk about what they like about the place where Iím painting, or talk about their own artistic experiences. For me, all those conversations and interactions get embedded in the painting itself in some way. The finished result feels like a collaborative work, rather than something I created out of my head, in isolation.