Moroccan Caravan Gallery
Addi Ouadderrou

Tea Ceremony at the Moroccan Caravan Gallery

Moroccan-inspired art & crafts

Media: Fiber + Textiles, Jewelry + Beads, Pottery, Other: Unique Home Decor

285 Washington Street   (accessible)

MAP # 69
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

Trolleys Sat+Sun | Directions (Google)

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Artist Statement

As a native of Morocco, I am proud of my heritage and my art strives to capture and preserve my culture. I create jewelry that uses rare beads and silver pendants from Morocco to create unique designs. I design leather handbags and satchels similar to those carried by traditional water sellers in Morocco. I am also an importer of handmade painted wooden furniture, ceramics, woven textiles, and clothing from Morocco (some of which I design). My goal is to create and feature Moroccan-inspired art and promote the richness of the arts and culture of Morocco for everyone’s enjoyment.