Rivkah Lapidus

Lion Mates
Mixed media
Painting, collages: animals etc

Media: Collage, Drawing, Painting

44 Kidder Avenue Rear

MAP # 22

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Artist Statement

Artistically, I am a putterer, rummager, builder and destroyer, a gatherer of trivia.
I use photographs, letters, and artifacts to continue my relationship with my ancestors and with the past.

After Election Day, I turned to the animal kingdom and caricature with have been unusually productive. Quality prints on fine paper are available on order.

Originally from Flushing, New York, I have lived with my family in Somerville since 1986. My husband and I have raised two daughters here, and are active in the community. I have participated in many SOS events since its inception, and enjoy the conversations I have with visitors to my little world.
I am also a psychotherapist in private practice. I work with many creative young adults and I also specialize in Harm Reduction approaches to substance misuse.