Blue Helix Designs
Teeru Bihani


Unique handcrafted jewelry

Media: Jewelry + Beads

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue   (accessible)

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Artist Statement

Blue Helix: Putting life back into your jewelry box!

Jewelry-making is a hobby for me because every day is different! It is fun to think outside of the box and try to make pieces that challenge my own comfort zone and style. I try very hard to make pieces look unique by using beads from all over the world and techniques like silver hammering and crocheted wire. I am happy to custom-make any item to fit your style or help you try something new. It is all about wearing something that makes you feel awesome! When I find a new favorite accessory that I really love to wear, I can't wait to find days where I can wear it. I hope you find a piece in my collection that is your new favorite. If not, no worries! It is fun just to try stuff on.