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Jane Goldman

Watercolors and prints

Audubon October
screen print

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Artist's Statement:
Jane Goldman Artist Statement I am a painter, printmaker, and public art designer, a “lyrical realist” working from a combination of free association and direct observation. I grew up in Texas, where the overwhelming physical facts are light and shadow, flatness and air. My imagery is rooted in the natural world of fauna, flora, weather, and water. Watercolor, not typically used for larger work, is my medium of choice for its unparalleled ability to depict the nebulous, the slippery, and the implied. Audubon This still life series displays my abiding interest in the world of objects bathed in light, inviting meditation on their metaphysical properties. Boddhisattva Series My most recent work is inspired by images of genome sequencing, the Buddhist wheel of life, and the inherent properties of watercolor, the natural expressive medium for this work. Tidal Pools Since 1993 I have been painting large scale Atlantic Ocean tidal pools in New England and Ireland.


Audubon June
Screen Print
18" x 26"

Atlantic Journey: Logan Airport

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