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Sarah Morrison

Illustration, Portraits, Costume

Oils on Linen

Note: SOS 2020 has been canceled as an in-person event. Please check out our artists' profiles, associated social media, and the new SOS YouTube channel.


Artist's Statement:

Sarah Morrison is a Fantasy lllustrator and who also paints epic portraiture.  She works primarily in oils, but also dabbles with drawing, watercolor, and printmaking.

Although not exhibiting in SOS for 2020, she will be showing off her hobby of sewing unique ballgowns at the SOS Beyond The Pattern Fashion Show.

You can see her home studio from 2017 here:

View her paintings online at and see more of her ballgowns at


Turns Out It Was Impossible
Oils on Panel

Cybertech Dress
Fabric, metal, plastic, computer findings, paint, electronics
36"wide by 55" tall

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