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Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment and community for participatory arts, encouraging people to express their creativity, and challenging them to extend their concept of both community and art.

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Artists' Statement:
From its inception in 2003, Firefly Arts Collective has helped to foster art and community through its interactive, multi-day, outdoor arts and culture event held annually over 4th of July weekend. Inspired by the principles of Burning Man, and rooted in creative individual participation, the annual Firefly event is recognized as an official Burning Man regional. A few years ago the collective obtained official 501(c)3 non-profit status. Since that time, our focus has expanded to more year round activities in addition to our annual event “up in the woods”.

Firefly community members are creative and eclectic individuals. We come from many walks of life: artists, scientists, healers, engineers, dreamers, makers—and gather together to create a temporary zone for radical self-expression. We paint, sculpt, light things on fire, write code, cook food, build things, dance, destroy things — all activities to engage the creative spirit. We make art happen and cause unexpected interactions to be realized.

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