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Heather Glista

Refashioned Clothing

refashioned treasure coat
recycled wool, cashmere, + rayon

Artist's Statement:

A life-long seamstress, I started making clothes out of other clothes in 2004 when I spotted a dowdy pleated button-front skirt sporting a wild tropical fish print in a thrift store. Once I turned that skirt into a Hawaiian shirt, I was hooked! Refashioning clothing became my primary means of creative expression.

Each garment I make is one-of-a-kind. I work mostly with wool, cashmere, and silk, though other fibers sneak in, particularly if they’re striped or reflective. I adore pockets. Many of my garments have at least one, if not more. I will sometimes nest pockets, so that you can have a warm place for your hands separate from your stuff. I use a combination of hand and machine sewing to balance durability and old-world charm. My process is both methodical and improvisational; the materials have as much say as I do.

Each piece is imbued with the history and character of its component parts. In some, you’ll find evidence of wear. These imperfections do not affect the overall structure of the garment. Instead, they add to the unique character of each piece. A hole becomes an opportunity for embellishment. A flaw becomes a draw. Mass produced clothing is transformed into one-of-a-kind treasures.


refashioned sweater
recycled fine merino wool

refashioned wrap
recycled wool + reflective merino wool

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