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Denise D. Price

Pop Up Books, Illustrator

Historic Old State House
Paper, Pop-Up Book
11" x 17" Book Available

Artist's Statement:

I am a paper engineer, illustrator, paper artist, and an independent publisher.  My art includes ephemera, illustration, paper sculptures, and pop-up engineering.  My work is one-of-a-kind and some are reproduced commercially.

Pop-up engineering brings an exactness to my art.  Though the art may be abstract, the engineering involved to make the art move into three dimensions is of interest to me.  Working in such a medium moves the viewer away from being only a 'Viewer', into the position of 'Participant'.  The art doesn’t move and isn’t viewable until the viewer/participant chooses to put the pop up in action.  That interaction and subsequent reaction to what was inside the cover is part of what makes my art so unique.

I use my illustrations and ephemera to delight and transport the viewer into a parallel plane of the same universe, if only for a split second.


Finches - A Custom Pop-Up for Hunt Slonem
Paper, Pop-up
11 x 17 Single Spread

The Architectual Styles of Somerville & Cambridge
Paper Sculpture
30" x 30" x 30"

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