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amy eastment

meditative | vibrant | organic

An assortment of geology-inspired paintings
Mixed-media - acrylic & watercolor on paper
12" x 12"

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Studio Location

Brickbottom Artists Building
1 Fitchburg Street - C113-B

Artist's Statement:

I use a variety of collage, papier mache, fabrication, and watercolor/acrylic painting techniques to create two- and three-dimensional works that explore themes like color, geology, data science, and astronomy.  I also love to create larger-scale intuitive artwork that bring serenity into home- and work-spaces.

As someone who is both technical and playful, I approach every new piece of art as an experiment with unusual materials/techniques to express a particular sentiment or idea; every piece becomes a serendipitous outcome, totally unexpected from the start of the work.


It's My Mouth that Pushes Out This Breath
Mixed-media - acrylic & watercolor on paper
12" x 24"

Buried Feelings: A Fossil Record
Mixed-media - acrylic & watercolor on paper
2' x 4'

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