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Nancy Harrod

Collage and printmaking

It May Have Been A Misunderstanding
Collage, Painted Papers
10 x 14

Artist's Statement:

My collage work starts with creating papers by painting; monoprints; woodcuts; giclee prints and mark making on new and found materials.

The work is about the process of juxtaposition, layering, and transparency to reveal and conceal in expressive ways.  I find myself focusing on order vs. disorder, color and irregular boundaries.  These themes are inspired by the mood of the day and the state of the world around us and reveal themselves in the finished work.


Cold Afternoon. Studio Sublet.
Collage. Painted Papers. Found Image.
16" x 18"

Color Study.
Collage. Newsprint and Painted Papers.
10" x 11"

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