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Ivana Damien George

Unique & Beautiful Eco-Art

Purple Abundance In August
Epson archival pigment ink giclee print
14" X 21"

Artist's Statement:


At my studio I will be displaying limited edition pigment prints from my Glacial Waters and Sustain series. In both of these bodies of work, I invite viewers to consider environmental changes and conservation through powerful natural imagery. I have captured some of this imagery through my travels to glaciers for Glacial Waters, in which I convey the fragility of natural systems and limited availability of water resources. In Sustain, I convey the immediate positive impact available from growing one’s own food by posing with and photographing the food in my own vegetable garden.

In Glacial Waters, I use a glass vessel of water as a lens to photograph through. These photographs were taken at Glacier National Park in Montana and in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca, where I have encapsulated and reflected the glacial scenes using a glass vessel of water. The water vessel held in the images serves as a visual metaphor for the precious water resources held in the receding glacier, increasingly threatened by a changing climate. In addition, the use of the globe form of the vessel is meant to convey a visual association with the round form of mother Earth, and the glass itself suggests the fragility of the planetary ecosystem.

In Sustain, I take photographs in my organic backyard vegetable garden, which is important to me because of its positive environmental impact. Growing food in your own garden is something you can take part in now to reduce your carbon emissions by reducing transport of food, and organic growing benefits pollinators. Using bright colors, as well as with lighting and posing, I invoke feelings of sensual expression, immediacy, and enjoyment of the food I grow using this sustainable practice.


Glacial Waters no. 2
Epson archival pigment ink print
14" X 21"

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