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Darcy Schultz

Abstract encaustic paintings

Dirty Laundry
Encaustic mixed media

Artist's Statement:

My artwork is an intuitive response to the human body’s experience of spiritual landscape, rooted deeply in earth, sea, and sky. I involve myself with the wordless motions of emotion through color as I paint. As such, my time spent trekking though wild areas of both nature and human existance is fused into each piece. 


I have been making art for as long as I can remember, and have shown in various places in Boston, Tiverton, Rhode Island, and Portland, Oregon. I am currently a member of Fort Point Artist's Association and mnay of my large oils are on display/loan to WBUR. My work is in a few prvate collections including the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and NOLO Bistro. By day, I am a professional counselor, and this experience profoundly affects my creative process. 


The Unraveling
Encaustic with string

After Rothko
Encaustic and String
14" x 20"

Diverging Diptych
Encaustic on board
18" x 21"

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