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Martha Friend

assemblage, found object art


18" x 32"

Inside Outside Gallery
mixed media
4' x 6'

Birds of Paradise
mixed media and assemblage
3' x 4'

Map # 56

135 Highland Avenue
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Artists' Statement:
I am a found object artist,and I make dioramas, collages, and assemblages.I have always loved the flotsam and jetsam one finds at the beach, or in the woods, or by the side of the road.
I also love to take photographs and was a professional photographer for many year. I come from a very creative family, and all of my 6 siblings and 2 daughters are artists or craftspeople. This year at Open Studios I will showcase their work as well, including sterling jewelry by my sister Celeste, pottery by my sister Gwen, quilts by my sister Dilys, woodworking by my two brothers John and Richard, earrings by my daughter Augusta, and small paintings by my daughter Sagel.

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