V Van Sant

mixed media artist


time must have a stop libations
mixed media
various sizes

empath altar - detail
mixed media installation
whole piece approx 58 x 40 x 24"

libation altar - detail
mixed media installation
various shapes and sizes

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Artists' Statement:
Fiber art, installation, and craft...

In 1998 my fine artwork was influenced by Haitian Vodou (yes, the correct spelling), especially the spiritual use of the libation bottle and their homemade altars on which they stand. In this religion vessels represent offerings to the spirit gods, and can also be looked at as a source of power to the individual that possesses one. These discarded bottles wrapped in string, fiber, beads and sequins, sometimes pictures of saints and crosses, fascinated me. And the altars with these bottles and bits of this and that, religious icons mixed in with personal items and imagery.

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