Candy Witcher

Watercolor, Pencil & Pastel


Elephant X
14 x 10 (framed)

Salt & Pepper
18 x 14 (framed)

Water Reverie II
12 x 9

Artist Not yet signed up for 2019 Event

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Artists' Statement:
"I consider drawing to be the most important artistic skill to master, and continually remind myself when I am drawing to listen to my eyes and not my brain. I have found the artistic process to be a wonderful outlet for my self-expression, creativity, and imagination.<br><br> I have my BFA in drawing from UNH, and have being drawing since I could walk! Besides using various drawing media, I also enjoy watercolor, pastels and acrylics. My main focus in my artwork is the different effects by light & shadows, and reflections also fascinate me. The colors on glass and shiny surfaces (ie: marbles, jars, silver) seem brighter and more vibrant and it is fun to enhance the cast shadows from those surfaces too.<br> Other subjects I enjoy drawing & painting are portraits, animals, architectural structures (barns, doorways, etc), landscapes, & spring flowers.<br><br> I teach drawing and watercolor on the weekends, and enjoy seeing the weekly progress of my student's artwork as they learn new techniques."

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