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Pat Iverson

Beadwork, jewelry, rug-hooking,


Evolution necklace
bead crochet

Balkan Amulet Necklace
bead crochet

Egyptian Diamonds necklace
spiral bead crochet

14 Gussie Terrace

Open Friday Night

Artists' Statement:
Pat Iverson speaks Bulgarian "well enough to get herself into trouble, but not well enough to get herself out", does fabulous beadwork, and works as an engineer to support her cats and her other habits. Contrary to popular opinion, she was not born with a crochet hook in her hand; her lifelong fascination with textiles and crafts comes from growing up surrounded by makers of lovely handwork. A co-founder of the Beads Without End artists' cooperative, she collaborates to push the boundaries of color, pattern, and form in bead crochet. Publications featuring Pat's beadwork include Carol Wilcox Wells's "The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving", Interweave "Beadwork" magazine, and Lark's "500 Beaded Objects".

Traditional rug hooking: Painting with wool on a burlap backing, using a hook. "Mom's been a hooker for a long time, and she got me doing it too."

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