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Interested in Exibiting as Part of SOS?

If you live in or maintain a studio in Somerville, we welcome you to participate as an exibiting artist. If you've been a member artist in the past three years, you're all set and will receive email notifications for SOS planning and registration. If not, or if you have a new email address, then Step 1 is to join our mailing list. We welcome all Somerville visual artists, whether established or—and especially—just starting to think about calling themselves an artist, or at least considering sharing their creativity with others through SOS.

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Attend the 2019 Planning Meetings

SOS is a fully independent organization run entirely by participating artists and arts supporters. We are not under the auspicies of the Somerville Arts Council or any other city department. We need artists to help make the event happen. The next 2019 organizational meeting is on Wednesday November 7, 6:30 to 8:30 at the Somerville Museum, One Westwood Road.

For 2019, we're changing up the coordinator role in favor of a more organic model. Instead, we will foster individual groups of artists focusing specific tasks and goals. Periodic general meetings will the bring groups together and timeline managers will keep us on track. Check out some core initiatives or email us your thoughts at

Become a Volunteer

The simplest way to volunteer, and one of the most helpful to SOS, is to adopt a map stand for the week leading up to our main event. There are map stands all over the city where map books are offered to passers-by. Those stands tend to empty quickly and need to be filled in the morning and evening. It's a simple task to do and helps so much. If you are interested in helping to accomplish this task, please get in touch with our Map Book Distribution Coordinator, Christina Tedesco at She can connect you with map stand locations and slots that are available for adoption.

Volunteering is an excellent way to be connected with the Somerville arts community. You can also get involved in behind-the-scene preparation for Open Studios in some of the following areas: Operations, Fundraising, Graphics, Public Relations, Web Content Management, Short Administrative Tasks, and Miscellaneous Labor and Light Construction, and more.
+ See our Volunteer Form for more information

Update your Profiles!

SOS member artists can update their profile page ten months of the year. It's locked out during the artist registration period, normally mid-December through January, and then certain information is locked as we assemble the guide book for the May open studios weekend. Many studio visitors will choose studios to visit—or be reminded of artists they saw and loved in previous years—based on your profile page, and especially images of your work. It's also an important tool for follow up sales year round. Don't let your page be a non-starter!

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